#DakarCaritas2017 : " This meeting is a great success, the hospitality of Senegal is fabulous" (Cardinal Turkson)

" This meeting is a great success, the hospitality of Senegal is fabulous" (Cardinal Turkson)

This meeting is a great success, the hospitality of Senegal is fabulous. The very possibility of bringing together all the bishops of Africa here is comparable to a meeting of African Heads of States in Addis Ababa. Leaders of African Churches who meet to discuss how to facilitate the development of people of the continent is a very beautiful thing. We appreciate the generosity of President Macky Sall and his government for making this meeting possible by granting us this sumptuous setting of the King Fahd Palace.
Charity is not something that is outside of us. Charity is the way through which we respond to the one who loved us first, God. We are simply trying to spread the love that God has poured into us. Therefore, what we call charity is what: someone loved you and you try to respond to that love. As Pope Benedict XVI put it so well: "You can not love someone and you can not change your situation, that of society. It is in this sense that religion is closely linked to social development ".

Michel Roy, Secretary of Caritas Internationalis : "My most important remark is the quality of interventions"

The hospitality of Caritas Senegal, the Senegalese government and the Senegalese Church in this area offers us excellent working conditions. The most important thing I noticed is the quality of the interventions particularly those of the Caritas of Senegal, Nigeria and Ethiopia, who spoke to us about how their Bishops, Episcopal conferences, Caritas and the whole services of the Church which work with the populations in education, health and the promotion of women.
As the General Secretary of Caritas Internationalis, I am used to hear problems more than good stories. So when we heard three examples showing that we can really do an extraordinary job if we are connected. That is what we are encouraging. I was very happy to hear these stories. These are the examples I have just quoted which show that we must get together. We can not think of work plans, answers by staying alone in his corner. One can’t imagine that two Churches services work without speaking on issues that are the same. It is not complicated but depends on the will of the Bishops, the Episcopal Conference to bring together all the actors around the table to tell them what to do. There can be a division of labor, but there has to be a coordination of how we will respond to the problems before us. Then, we realize that not only do we add up the existing capacities but we multiply them. So we can do a lot more when we work together because working in communion is fundamental. It is a necessary act.

Reverend Father Emile Sambou, Diocese of Banjul : "The meeting a been a veritable success"

The meeting has been a veritable success, individually important. That we came to take part in this meeting it is like a said it open minds and hearts. We learned that for Caritas to be as it is supposed to be the bishops own it.  It should as well be present spiritually to help Caritas to be what it is. Often, when people, talk about Caritas, what goes to their mind is, receiving projects, funding, money, food and help.  In a word, all the time receiving and not giving. However, here we came to sense that Caritas means love and charity. We are receiving and now it is time to us to give, help the needy and be with them and to go to search them. They must also been made feel important.  Caritas Gambia does not actually exist. We have what we call the Catholic Development Office which plays the role of Caritas, but it does not have the same requirement of Caritas.

Nicoletta Sabbeti, East Africa Regional Coordinator Caritas Italiana : "It is a good way to strengthen our relationships"

#DakarCaritas2017 : " This meeting is a great success, the hospitality of Senegal is fabulous" (Cardinal Turkson)
As partners, it is important to be here with all the bishops from Africa. It is a good way to strengthen our relationships and to understand more about the situation and strengthen too our work together. It is too important with our partners to be together and work together. The more important thing to strengthen Caritas is to have a dialogue among us.  

Reverend Father Evraistus Bassey, National Director Caritas Nigeria : "Avery wonderful meeting"

#DakarCaritas2017 : " This meeting is a great success, the hospitality of Senegal is fabulous" (Cardinal Turkson)
It has been a very wonderful meeting, very well organized.           I attended it in the name or Caritas Nigeria. For the Caritas we have to go back and take all the inputs we god before coming here and meet the resources we work with and emphasis the fact that there are three elements we are working for the church, spreading the god spell and serving the poor.  In addition, we have to do it very well. 

Vendredi 22 Septembre 2017
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